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4 ps of mrf

November 07, Philippine Coast Guard - Focusing on the Modernization of its Naval and Air Assets The Philippine Coast Guard PCG previously announced their upcoming modernization program that will improve their capabilities, which includes the acquisition of new assets and equipment including new aircraft, patrol vessels and small boats, construction light houses, installation of coastal surveillance and communications systems, acquisition of rescue equipment, and others.

The most recent acquisition plan include patrol vessels from France, wherein there were 2 separate acquisition plans that were brought up last year.

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The meter San Juan-class search and rescue vessels are currently the most capable ships in the Philippine Coast Guard. MaxDefense will be focusing on the major materiel acquisition done or being undertaken by the Philippine Coast Guard as part of its modernization effort.

MaxDefense previously discussed the planned acquisition of a former French Navy La Audacieuse-class P offshore patrol vessel, the ex-La Tapageuse, in another blog entry.

Originally planned for acquisition directly from the French government, the deal was not pursued by the Philippine government after the acquisition policies of the government took the PCG too long to confirm the acquisition, and the French government was not in a position to wait for the PCG as well.

It was instead sold to French shipbuilder Piriou, which in turn refurbished and sold it to the Gabonese government as part of a larger deal that involves the sale of a brand new meter OPV made jointly by Piriou and DCNS.

The La Tapageuse is now bound for the Gabonese Navy, although there are more La Audacieuse-class ships still available with the French Navy that are expected to be retired soon. This is actually cheap considering that after the refurbishment works, it is expected that the ship can still serve the PCG for 15 years or more.

With the La Tapageuse gone, it doesn't mean the end for PCG's quest for a La Audacieuse-class ship as the French Navy is scheduled to retire more of the class from service as they are replaced by newer ships.

If the PCG could overcome the delays in approving the acquisition of pre-owned patrol vessels, they could have a chance of getting one, if not several of the ships of the class in the near future. Another vessel acquisition program of the PCG that was recently in the limelight was the purchase of brand new French ships, using the budget previously allocated by former President Gloria Arroyo's administration to construct several Ro-Ro ports as part of its "Strong Republic Nautical Highway" project funded mostly by French government loans.

Being a French-funded loan, it is only right that French shipbuilders be given the chance to supply the boats. According to NavyRecognitionthe OPV patrol vessel's hull is made from marine aluminum, with a length of 83 meters, a maximum range of around 4, to 8, kilometers at 15 knots, an endurance of 30 to 45 days, and a maximum speed of around 26 knots.

It has a crew of 44 men, can take from 3 to 6 VIP passengers and 20 passengers. It will be powered by twin diesel engines. From the photos provided in open sources, the ship also has a helicopter deck capable of accepting light to medium-sized helicopters like the Airbus Helicopters Dauphin.

This would probably take the role of the PCG's flagship once it enters service until a larger, more capable vessel becomes available. This is due to the aluminum material for use to build the ship, which is far lighter than marine steel. But this also means that the ship is prone to collision damage, and may not be used by the PCG on high seas showdown with the China Coast Guard or any other civilian maritime agencies in the region which involves a lot of rough cheek to cheek bumping.

Aluminum-made hulls do not have the same structural strength as steel-made hulls, and it would be advisable for the PCG for this ship to avoid such incidents.

Photo taken from metermarine. It has a length of 24 meters, and a maximum speed of around 32 knots.

Philippine Coast Guard - Focusing on the Modernization of its Naval and Air Assets

Based on its appearance alone, it would probably be used only on waters closer to land and would probably have almost the same characteristics as the Philippine Navy's Jose Andrada-class patrol gunboats which are also at 24 meters long.

Since this acquisition came from diverted funds, it would be doubtful if the PCG would order additional units, except if France will continue to provide financial assistance for similar programs in the near future.

An ongoing project, it is currently in the bidding stage as required by the Japanese government which provided the funding as part of the Maritime Safety Capability Improvement project of the PCG. The project is worth JPY Currently the bidding was moved from October 30, to November 14, due to a number of queries that needs to be cleared from the respective bidders.

All bidders are qualified Japanese companies as required by the loan agreement between the Philippine and Japanese governments.

There are speculations that the specifications are very close to the Japan Coast Guard's very own Bizan-class ton patrol vessels, although there are no final confirmations yet on the design.

There were suspicions that the design might be close or derived from the Japan Coast Guard's very own meter patrol vessel of the Bizan-class, but it is still unclear if shipbuilders will be using a current design from the JCG, or they are free to provide a design based on their own interpretation of the technical specifications.

Large Offshore Patrol Vessels There are still plans by the PCG to acquire larger offshore patrol vessels, expected to be more than 90 meters in length, and will be larger than any of the current and future ships in its inventory.

4 ps of mrf

These were previously requested some years ago but was shelved due to lack of budget, but was being brought back in as the government support to improve the PCG's capabilities might be able to fund these acquisitions.

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