An analysis and history of the national socialist party the nazis

At the height of his success, Hitler was the master of the greater part of the European continent. German rule in the east was extended to wide areas of the Baltic states, Belorussia now BelarusUkraine, and European Russia; Poland and the protectorate… The roots of Nazism Nazism had peculiarly German roots. It can be partly traced to the Prussian tradition as developed under Frederick William I —Frederick the Great —68and Otto von Bismarck —98which regarded the militant spirit and the discipline of the Prussian army as the model for all individual and civic life.

An analysis and history of the national socialist party the nazis

Right now, I am reading Mein Kampf by Adolf Hitler and have read numerous articles discussing precisely this issue. Now, I would like to note, firstly, that the vast majority of articles on the subject on both sides of the spectrum are not scholarly in any regard. Most are opinion-pieces, blogs, if you will, which try to misquote books like Mein Kampf or other works by National Socialists to sway one way or the other.

National Socialism

Why do they do this? Well, in American politics, strawmanning is a favorite logical fallacy among people with big opinions on politics. In fact, there is a fallacy, argumentum ad Hitlerum, which is committed when someone tries to compare a politician to Adolf Hitler or some other totalitarian leader in an attempt to discredit that politician.

Anyways, back on the subject at hand. Socialism itself is a very, very broad network of political ideologies.

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Even libertarians can be considered socialistic in their ideas of social policies. Then there are Marxists, Stalinists, Social Democrats, Social Republicans that is, in fact, a thinganarchists and, of course, Communists. One can argue that they are all socialist in someway, mainly because socialism is a very broad term used to describe ideologies that claim to promote freedom or equality.

The term was originally used in periods like the French Revolution to promote the idea of social equality and ever since then it has been adopted as sort of a positive buzzword.

The Syrian-Iraqi Baath party and its Nazi beginnings

Hitler, however, makes very clear arguments against Socialism in the very first pages of Mein Kampf. In chapter 1 of the first volume, for example, he explicitly states that one thing he discovered as a child was that Marxism was extremely bad and, of course, was promoted by the Jews.

And here is another quote early in the book that states that he clearly did not like Socialism: Today, Social Democrat means something very specific. He considers them all traitors who are ultimately the same in their beliefs as traitors.

The words he uses to describe members of the left are interchangeable and often inconsistent. He also states at one point that through his supposedly endless research which he, strangely, never offers us in the book at any given pointhe has found that the heads of all the Socialist groups, all the trade unions, and all the other leftist networks are all headed by Jews.

So, essentially, a Communist, Socialist, Marxist, etc. And what does he say should be done with the Jews? Well, we see in history what he does, but this is what he writes: So, what is my point in all of this? Well, Hitler pretty much defines the entirety of leftist ideology as being a Jewish conspiracy that he might fight against.

He defines Social Democracy remember, at the time period, a very vague term that can be applied to Socialism in general and is done so by Hitler himself as being headed by Jews who must, remember, be fought against. Hence, Hitler wants to defeat other forms of Socialists.The National Socialist German Workers’ Party (Nazis) exploited the resentment and fear stemming from Versailles and the Depression.

Its platform was a . Ruling party learned from Nazis. ANALYSIS The Baath Arab Socialist Party, National rivalries mean pan-Arabism is dead and the supra-national Baath Party. Sep 05,  · Were the Nazis Socialists? We look into the burning (at least for some) question of whether members of the National German Socialist Workers' Party were accurately classified as .

In February , the National Socialist German Workers’ Party (Nazis) came up with a point program.

An analysis and history of the national socialist party the nazis

Included in the party’s new program were the following points: Some documents have to be studied carefully. The Nazi program is one of those documents.

An analysis and history of the national socialist party the nazis

Divide into groups and focus on two or. The National Socialist German Workers' Party History Origins and early existence: – Being composed largely of unemployed workers, many SA men took the Nazis' socialist rhetoric seriously.

At this time, the Hitler salute (borrowed from the Italian fascists) and the greeting "Heil Hitler!" were adopted throughout the party.Führer: Anton Drexler (–), Adolf Hitler (–), Martin Bormann ().

National Socialism or Nazism, doctrines and policies of the National Socialist German Workers' party, which ruled Germany under Adolf Hitler from to In German the party name was Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei (NSDAP); members were first called Nazis as .

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