Angels with dirty faces film review

Filmed February-March in Warner Bros. Kubec Glasmon and John Bright; adaptation and dialogue:

Angels with dirty faces film review

By Christopher Null Very Good Casablanca director Michael Curtiz turned in this pioneering entry in -- part of the budding street urchin genre that posed the question of what society would do with its troubled kids. Starring the Dead End Kids a group of hooligans akin to the Litle Rascals, only meanertheir story is filtered through the eyes of two men.

Rocky James Cagney in another career-defining gangster performance is fresh out of jail and back on the streets where he hopes to make some cash. Father Jerry Pat O'Brien is a priest and boyhood friend of Rocky's, who's managed to turn toward the path of good.

Oh, and Humphrey Bogart makes an appearance as a scheming attorney through into the mix. How these three men interrelate is the main story line, while the hijinks of the kids stands as a continuous backdrop to the action.

Sometimes it's fierce, but just as often it's plodding and uninspiring. The underlying social commentary -- how children can turn good or bad depending on how they are raised, a controversial idea in the s -- doesn't get much of a chance to shine, which may be a problem of too many stars, too many precocious child actors, and not enough legroom for all of them to stretch.In addition to his Oscar, he was nominated twice for Best Actor for his work in “Angels with Dirty Faces” and ’s “Love Me or Leave Me”.

His last film was ’s “Ragtime”. Actor. Inside the Making of Home Alone ’s Fake Gangster Movie “No children, a very simple shot plan, the exaggerated style of acting, the crazy action Given the rest of the film, it was kind. Hollywood’s Made to Order Punks Part 3, The Faces of The Angels With Dirty Faces takes you through a treasure trove of images in a definitive masterwork compilation.

Available in hardback, paperback, and e-book editions. 8 chapters filled with large-size illustrations from the author’s personal collection, including portraits, publicity.

Angels with dirty faces film review

The classic gangster movie and with a message to boot. Two slum kids, Cagney and O'Brien, grow up together.

One becomes a hood, the other a priest. The local kids look up to Cagney's glamorous, violent ways, but his childhood friend is on his case, pushing him down the path of redemption. Angels.

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Such is the case with “Angels With Dirty Faces.” It takes a standard setup for melodrama with routine characters and makes us care about every one of them.

The story involves two best pals from childhood, William “Rocky” Sullivan (Cagney) and Jerome “Jerry” Connolly (O’Brien), who grow up together in the roughest part of town.

Angels with Dirty Faces: Whaddya Hear? Whaddya Say?

Angels with dirty faces film review

() Documentary covering the Warner Bros. James Cagney /Pat O'Brien classic Angels with Dirty Faces (), hosted by film .

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