Are sports hurting kids

Emotionally, they have been thought to build confidence, leadership and foster cooperation. Often, the reality is that people are more likely to be competing with themselves rather than others. Competition in young children can actually encourage them to become selfish, narcissistic and inwardly-focussed rather than have compassion or empathy for others.

Are sports hurting kids

The best way to prevent a sports injury is to warm up properly and stretch. Cold muscles are prone to overstretching and tears. Warm muscles are more flexible. They can absorb quick movements, bends, and jerks, making injury less likely. Also take these steps to avoid sports injuries: Use the proper technique Learn the proper way to move during your sport or activity.

Different types of exercise require different stances and postures. For example, in some sports, bending your knees at the right time can help avoid an injury to your spine or hips.

Chest Pain in Children

Have the proper equipment Wear the right shoes. Make sure you have the proper athletic protection. Ill-fitting shoes or gear can increase your risk for injury. When you return after letting your body recover, you may need to ease yourself back into the exercise or sport rather than jumping back in at the same intensity.

Cool down Remember to cool down after your activity. Usually, this involves doing the same stretching and exercises involved in a warmup. Excessive rest may delay healing. After the initial hour period of RICE, you can start using heat to help relax tight muscles. Take things slowly, and ease back in to exercise or your sport of choice.


Sports injuries statistics Sports injuries are common in younger adults and children. One-third of all injuries in children are related to sports, too. The most common sports injuries in children are sprains and strains. Contact sports, like football and basketball, account for more injuries than noncontact sports, like swimming and running.

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The number of children playing team sports is falling, with experts blaming a parent-driven focus on elite travel clubs, specialization in one sport and pursuit of scholarships for hurting the. Causes of back pain in children While a single incident can cause sudden spinal injury, cases of nagging, ongoing back pain seem to be caused by a range of factors working in combination.

Relatively minor injuries as a result of normal sports and games may lead to muscle spasm, so some back muscles may have to work harder than others. Get the latest sports news, opinion, analysis, player rankings, scores, standings and videos for NFL, NBA, MLB, NCAA, NHL, Olympics and more.

In the past week, I’ve read several studies that are scary to me it’s the scary truth about what’s hurting our kids.. We all know that what our kids hear becomes their inner voice, but it’s hard to control what they hear from others, isn’t it?

Are sports hurting kids

CNN recently interviewed Dr. Jean Twenge, author of iGen and her interview worried me – because I saw the truth that I would be facing in.

Are sports hurting kids

Back Pain in Kids and Teens Potential Causes of Back Pain in Children and Teens Older children tend to be more aggressive in their activities and sports, thereby increasing the risk of injury to the bones, nerves and soft tissues in the spine.

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