Business plan beispiele einzelhandel

Our target market is summer visitors to Cape Cod, particularly central Cape Cod.

Business plan beispiele einzelhandel

This term has a variety of meanings and interpretations, which is confusing for buyers and sellers alike. We will throw in some extra features or upgrades at no additional cost. We will wine and dine you, give you some baseball tickets, or invite you to our special event. We will discount our price if you buy or sign before a certain deadline.

business plan beispiele einzelhandel

We will make you an exclusive, premium or featured partner to market your own business. We will offer expertise in consultation or design to improve customer satisfaction. We will finance your purchase or extend favorable credit terms.

We will bundle together services to create convenient, one-stop shopping. Within these examples, you can identify free and low-cost add-ons as well as extra that might actually increase cost but improve quality, convenience or benefits to the customer.

Within all these examples, however, there is an important value-added component that is missing. The untapped potential of this missing value-added offering far exceeds any of the examples given — both for the buyer and for the seller.

That missing piece, the single greatest way that a buyer could have true added value, is… YOU, the seller. How can you not your company, not your product, but YOU add value to your customers? I can think of at least five ways: ONE You can help the customer sort through a mind-numbing number of options, variables, and decisions related to ordering your product.

TWO You can ask questions that make your customer think strategically. You add value to the conversation when you ask thought-provoking questions that help your customer plan long-term and think beyond a single transaction.

FOUR You can demonstrate professionalism, integrity and genuine interest in every interaction with your customer. When your customer knows that you are trustworthy, it adds value to the equation by easing their apprehension that a slick seller will take advantage of them.

Knowing that you are there and able to troubleshoot and follow through on the order gives your customer peace of mind. So why not spend time taking exceptionally good care of the customers you already have, creating value by serving them well? For companies with sellers who add value, there is strong competitive differentiation and marked customer loyalty.

In a time when it is increasingly difficult to have a truly unique product and to sustain it at a truly competitive price, the greatest advantage a company can have is its people.

Buyers choose sellers that add value, and smart companies are responding accordingly. Recent research reveals that buyers expect, even demand, more from sellers than ever before.

Customers want sellers who partner with them by helping them explore and see new ways to improve their effectiveness. In other words, buyers are telling sellers exactly what they want to see as an added value.

Unfortunately, many sellers are missing the mark. Wal-Mart, for example, asks its suppliers to completely eliminate the seller role and allow them to order directly.

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For them, the value of working with a seller just didn't add up. As buyers, you may be doing the same thing — avoiding sellers while you shop online, for example. The reason is simple. Sellers can add tremendous value.

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business plan beispiele einzelhandel

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