Essay on performance measurement system

Download this Term Paper in word format. A survey will be developed as a part of implementation of the BSC system in this hospital to track customer satisfaction with the services that they receive here. A positive image of the organization translates into repeat business and a more positive reputation in the neighborhood, Patient satisfaction translates into increased future revenues.

Essay on performance measurement system

Management Performance Measurement Systems Performance measurement systems are an integral part of the management control systems.

To be most effective performance measures should be tied to the strategic objectives of the organization. Two key principles of performance measurements are; measurement of performance and compensation based on measured performance.

The goal of performance measurement system is to implement strategies. Any performance measurement system blends the financial information and non-financial information with each other. Uses of Performance Measurement According to Behn the uses of performance measurement are as follows: To evaluate performance, the senior managers need to determine what a business unit manager is supposed to accomplish.

Performance measurement can ensure the senior managers that their subordinates are doing the right thing. Sometimes budgets increase could be the answer to improving performance.

By achieving specific goals, people gain sense of personal accomplishment and selfworth. To convince the stockholders that their organization is doing good, manages need easily understood measures of those aspects of performance about which many stockholders personally care 7 To learn.

Learning is involved with some process, of analysis information provided from evaluating corporate performance identifying what works and what does not. By analyzing that information, corporation able to learn reasons behind its poor or good performance. In order for corporations to measure what it wants to improve it first need to identify what it will improve and develop processess to accomplish that.

Performance measurement systems develop a feedback to assess with plans to achieve improvements and to determine if those processess create forecasted results improvements. Limitations of Financial Control Systems 1. Business managers may not undertake useful long-term actions, in order to obtain short-term profits.

Using short-term profit as the objective can distort communication between a business unit manager and senior management. Tight financial control may motivate managers to manipulate data.

Comprehensive Performance Measures Comprehensive performance measures must address: Internal business process developments and 4. Allow an organization to learn and grow.

Financial Performance can be measured by: Residual measures accounting profit measures such as net income, operating profit, earnings before interest, tax, depreciation, and amortization EBITDA 2.

Key account orders 5. Customer loyalty Internal Business Process Measures 1.

Essay on performance measurement system

Cycle time Learning and Growth measures 1. Learning and growth identifies the infrastructure an organization must build to create long-term growth and improvement.

Implementing a Performance Measurement Systems Implementation of a performance measurement system involves four general steps: Define Measures of Strategy: The next step is to develop the measures to support the formulated strategy.

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Integrate measures into the management system: Review measures and results frequently: The organization should look for the following: Difficulties in implementation Performance Measurement Systems 1.

Poor correlation between non-financial measures and results 2. Fixation on financial results 3.Describe the business performance measurement system that your company uses and address how your company implements or will benefit from implementing a performance measurement system.

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Essay on performance measurement system

Essay A Systems Approach to Performance Measurement in Hospitality A systems approach to performance measurement in hospitality International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management 11/7/ This article focused on the processes involved when dealing with employees and resources in the hospitality industry, specifically hotels.

Keywords: Management Systems, Key Performance Indicators, Performance Measurement System. Introduction Performance measurement systems are used to establish specific objectives, increase accountability, and align employee behavior (Castellano et al, ).

Organizations generally use these systems to set objectives for individuals, divisions, plants, and profit center. View this term paper on Performance Measurement Performance Analysis System. A positive image of the organization translates into repeat business and a more Term Paper Performance Measurement Performance Analysis System and 90,+ more term papers written by .

Essay on Performance Measurement Systems in Business Words | 3 Pages. strategy. Performance measurement is critical in assessing organization overall performance and results are used for strategic planning to develop range of strategies (Tapinos & Dyson, ) for achievement of sustainable business success.

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