Estudos de caso de boa governanca

Clelma Alves de Brito [1] Professor Msc. Pode-se destacar as mais importantes: Segundo Assaf Netop.

Estudos de caso de boa governanca

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In my opinion with changes in the planet's climate we will suffer from waterborne diseades, those related to the lack of solid waste treatment and the lack of basic sanitation. This is a great challenge in this century. Many of our cities, especially those in metropolitan areas are experiencing a very high population growth rate and investing in basic sanitation is very important.

I consider it a freat challenge to train professionals, create jobs and invest in the basic sanitation of cities and metropolitan areas.

In addition, the comsumption of drinking water depends on the sanitary treatment of water. Read more In my opinion with changes in the planet's climate we will suffer from waterborne diseades, those related to the lack of solid waste treatment and the lack of basic sanitation.

As opportunities we have the potential of young people who want to study and work, new technologies, development and technological innovation, equipament that collaborates for the progress os science and partnerships with research and teaching institutions.

We also have opportunities for environmental legislation in some countries, environmental and sanitary education for young people, and the investment that has been made in education in recent years by some states and countries, forming new multipliers.

Another factor is the existence of ample material on the subject, available in digital media, videos, podcasts, films, CDs, DVDs. Technology in favor of the population, generating knowledge for the new century.

In my opinion the clean energy is the most important environment development for the next decades in the cities.

Estudos de caso de boa governanca

Because the pollution in the urban centers have made diseases in the people. The growth of the cars in the cities, the growth of the industries, the demograph groth, the growth of pollution in cities will make the people to change their habits for the environment. In my oppinion the Oportunities will are the Education for this new sustentable development and the news technologies, inovation and criative solutions.

Who, What, Whose, When, Where will finance these new solutions and these news inovations. Dissemination water legislation for all, creating and participating in river basin commitees, at meetings, increasing social participation in planning of the watersheds.

Who, What, When, Which, Where will born new technologies and new methods of educations and participation for the people in the watersheds and the New Midias TVs programs, others technologiesthe system of monitoring the quality and amount of rivers in watersheds, the plans of watersheds and the actions and projects of recuperation of rivers and Ecosystems the Ecosystems of the watershedswill made new Biofuels and new Biodigesters.

The human resources for researchs in the planet would be create for digital work on line for various projects in many Universities in the countries. The multidisciplinary work and the interdisciplinary work will be very important for the researchs climate change in next years.

Reuse of water in homes and building, use of rainwater too. This depends of Legislation and technical standarts for this reuse. The industries too, the reuse and use of rainwater in the production line.UN News produces daily news content in Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Kiswahili, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish, and weekly programmes in Hindi, Urdu and Bangla.

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Water of appropriate quantity and quality and maintenance of natural environments, ecosystems and biodiversity are all mutually dependent. Fully understanding the relationships between these factors, along with the planning and implementation of effective practices, requires strong capacities and good governance structures and mechanisms, as well as the ability to share experiences, practices.

RESUMO. Investiga-se a configuração da oferta e demanda por serviços de média complexidade do Distrito Federal (DF) e municípios de Goiás próximos à Brasília - entorno.

By , ensure sustainable food production systems and implement resilient agricultural practices that increase productivity and production, that help maintain ecosystems, that strengthen capacity for adaptation to climate change, extreme weather, drought, flooding and other disasters and that progressively improve land and soil quality.

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