Faculty of biology cambridge dissertation

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Faculty of biology cambridge dissertation

The purpose of the dissertation is to give you an opportunity to produce a substantial piece of original work. It should be an extended account of a topic or question that lies broadly within the field of either your Major or Minor subject.

Faculty perceptions of the doctoral dissertation

In producing your dissertation, you will be expected to show skills in researching primary literature, critically evaluating published information, and marshalling arguments to produce a structured critical assessment of a defined topic.

Examples of dissertations topics offered in the past are available here. You can expect to receive a maximum of four supervisions with your dissertation supervisor. You are expected to meet with your supervisor at least twice during the preparation of your dissertation.

Supervisors are only permitted to view a single draft of your dissertation prior to submission. Course Organisers will tell you when and how dissertation titles will be released; and you will be required to have your title approved by Division of Michaelmas term.

Your dissertation should be prepared in accordance with the dissertation guidelines shown below, which have been issued by the Faculty Board.

Please consult these guidelines at an early stage and pay particular attention to the appropriate closing dates. The dissertation topic may be proposed by the candidate or chosen from one offered by the relevant Department and should be not more than 6, words, on a subject associated with either the Major or Minor subject.

You must, by notifying the Course Organiser for that course, obtain approval of the proposed title and subject of your dissertation. The form and guidelines for this are available on the BBS Moodle site. This must be done not later than Division of Michaelmas term, that is 4.

Faculty of biology cambridge dissertation

You must notify the Course Organiser and the Faculty Office of any subsequent changes to either the title or the subject of your dissertation. In order to change your title, please obtain the permission of your Supervisor and Course Organiser and fill in the required form available on the BBS Moodle site so an update can be made with Student Registry.

The latest date by which you can change the title of your dissertation is the last day of Lent Term, that is Friday, 15 March Please note that you are free to do a dissertation in your minor subject, but you should inform your major subject Course Organiser if you take this option.

Return to top Preparing to submit Two copies of your dissertation, in its complete form, must be submitted in accordance with the guidance provided by the department you have written your dissertation in, by the deadline of In addition to the two typewritten or word-processed hard copies, the dissertation must be submitted in electronic form, via Moodle, no later than Please click here for instructions on how to do this.

The marking scheme for dissertations can be found here. The electronic version of your dissertation may be run through a plagiarism-detection software program. You will not examined by viva voce examination for your dissertation. Return to top Formatting requirements Your dissertation must not exceed 6, words, excluding the cover sheet, title page, summary, appendices, contents page, tables and table legendsfigures and figure legendsfootnotes, bibliography and acknowledgements.

Faculty of biology cambridge dissertation

References and citations within the text count towards the word total. Students can submit the electronic version of their dissertation in either PDF or Word format.

Please contact the Faculty Office if submitting in the above formats is undesirable.

Doctoral Dissertations – Faculty of Sciences

Your dissertation must be typewritten or word-processed, double spaced, on one side of A4 paper with 2. Dissertations should be permanently soft-bound hard back copies are not necessary using comb-binding or wire binding.

There are many binding services on offer in Cambridge, the University Information Service is one such provider.Faculty of biology cambridge dissertation. The graduate fellowships provide faculty with the thesis and his/her mentor. Receive the bacteriology of food and dissertations and monitored by nobel laurate willard libby in their thesis/dissertation in vision science.

Up to 3 graduate tutorials with different faculty in the Department of Biology.

Dissertations — Faculty of Biology

2 graduate seminars in any areas of biology, with at least 1 seminar outside your chosen area of speialization Establish a minor, to be approved by the Director of Graduate Studies and the Graduate Affairs Committee. Get your bachelor's degree in Biology, Earth & Environmental Science, Environmental Studies, or Mathematics.

We also offer several graduate education programs focusing . Doctoral Dissertations on Faculty of Sciences | In accordance to the Law on Higher Education (Article 30) and the Statute of the Faculty of Sciences (Article ), every doctoral dissertation and the evaluation report of the Doctoral Thesis Evaluation Commission are available to the public in.

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For general administration of BBS and general questions which cannot be answered in departments, please contact the Faculty of Biology Office ([email protected], (7)) If you wish to move to or from BBS or wish to change Major and/or Minor subject(s), please contact the departments involved AND the Faculty of Biology Office.

Program Overview: The goal of the doctoral program is to train students to become both skilled scholars and conscientious teachers. The curriculum provides year-specific guidelines in which students complete courses of study, participate in teaching, and conduct research for their dissertation.

Example Dissertation Titles — Faculty of Biology