Last duel summer

The dramatic true story of the knight, the squire, and the lady unfolds d Ordered on the back of Blood Royal Description:

Last duel summer

Jager spins a complicated and sanguinary tale with the skill Last duel summer an accomplished thriller author. The story involves two squires, once fast friends, who were gradually estranged as one, Jacques LeGris, rose in favor with the king and their local count while the other, Jean de Carrouges, fell.

Carrouges lost his wife and son to illness, married the much younger, very beautiful, and wealthy Marguerite de Thibouville, and eventually earned his knighthood in service of the king. But after Carrouges returned from a long absence, Marguerite told him that one day, when she was virtually unattended, LeGris arrived with a friend to offer his sexual services; when she refused, she claimed, he brutally raped her.

Carrouges immediately looked for legal redress and initiated the process that eventually led to trial by combat before a silent crowd. Silence was customary, and both participants and onlookers believed that God would allow the truthful combatant to prevail.

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Jager knows his territory well; we learn a good deal about medieval armor and weaponry, fashion and custom, the legal Last duel summer and sexual ideas, court politics and religion. By the time the combat begins, halfway through the text, the tension is nearly unendurable.

Carrouges stood to lose more than his life: Sex, savagery, and high-level political maneuvers energize a splendid piece of popular history.

Watched by the French king and thousands of his subjects, they were to fight with lance, axe, sword and dagger until one killed the other. The aim of the duel was to establish which man was telling the truth.

The down-at-heel knight Jean de Carrouges had accused the wealthy squire Jacques Le Gris of raping his wife, a charge the squire denied. She would be burnt alive. Jager describes a harsh and violent era, when public executions were a form of entertainment and both commoners and elites eagerly anticipated the increasingly rare duel to the death.

But it was also a time of lawyers, chroniclers and ceremony. A brief history of the duel demonstrates its origins in age-old military tradition rather than divine providence. Jager acknowledges where the definitive facts of his story are unknown while presenting a riveting account that will satisfy general readers and historians alike.

A taut page-turner with all the hallmarks of a good historical thriller: The nail-biting narration of the duel itself and its tragic aftermath sets in motion the outlawing of judicial duels, one death-knell in the demise of the feudal world that allowed the highest degree of civility to coexist with the coldest cruelties.

The story of the duel and of the rivalry leading up to it make for quick reading as enthralling and engrossing as any about a high-profile celebrity scandal today. Jager manages to encapsulate the complex world of 14th century France into a manageable backdrop for staging the heart of the story, a human drama made all the more thrilling for the fact that it is truth, not fiction.

Members of the nobility enmeshed in a quagmire of hearsay and accusations Sex, violence, political scheming that went to the highest levels Jager tells [the story] simply, yet with eloquence and some verve.

Complete with all the assorted social intrigue, gossip, and politics it flows like a good thriller novel. The reader must resist the temptation to skip ahead and see how it ends and instead let the tension build.

Last duel summer

It definitely pays off at the end. For once a historian also manages to get it right when it comes to descriptions of the arms and armor as well as the combat itself. In this regard, Jager, a Professor of English at UCLA, is refreshing in the respect and attention he pays to these elements, refusing to gloss over them in favor of less martial aspects A readable and suspenseful work.

With a masterful hand, he recreates with psychological elegance the mentalities of two very different men — one a social climber from humble origins who rose in the social and political ranks through his cleverness and political ambition to become a court favorite and squire and the other a land-holding knight of the Norman aristocracy, impolitic and contentious, attracted to war and adventure.

A world of passion, cruelty, and mismanaged law.THE LAST DUEL is popular history at its very best.

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Thanks to the skillful recreation and meticulous research by author Eric Jager, in a story told here for the first time, medieval men and women come alive in scenes straight from today's tabloid headlines — . This last duel is not in the original novel The Luck of Barry Lyndon by William Makepeace Thackeray.

In the novel Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets by J. K. Rowling, a number of the students at Hogwarts attend a duelling lesson conducted by teachers Gilderoy Lockhart and Severus Snape.

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Last duel summer

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The last known duel in France took place in , when Gaston Defferre insulted René Ribière at the French Parliament and was subsequently challenged to a duel fought with swords.

René Ribière lost the duel, having been wounded twice. Ribfest at Last Duel Park. He and fellow Rotarian Frank Larabie presented a summer proposed dual-event blockbuster to Perth Committee of the Whole Tuesday.

As a partner with the town for the Ribfest, their proposal is to add a music festival and stage the two-for-one event at Last Duel Park.

Ribfest typically draws .

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