Necessity knows no law essay writer

Although the entire contents of the Quran, the placement of its verses, and the arrangement of its chapters date back to the Prophet, as long as he lived he continued to receive revelations.

Necessity knows no law essay writer

Jordan Peterson is but the latest lightning rod through whom anything approximating Frankish obscurantism must travel.

And Peterson is not wrong in a lot of what he says about twenty-first century normative ideology, especially regarding the nonsensical law he explicitly opposed compelling compliance on the use of gender neutral pronouns.

But the attack on postmodernism is misguided. Regardless, the assault on postmodernism misses the mark and actually hampers the fight against nonsense.

For example, nothing gets the SJWs in a lather more readily than the anodyne and intellectually obvious assertion that Islam as a belief system might have compatibility problems with the norms of the twenty-first century.

To say this, hint it, or post it, is to invite slurs from so called liberals that would not look out of place in McCarthyist America.

necessity knows no law essay writer

But postmodernism has been condemned by Peterson and others without much of a due process and, one suspects, without much of an understanding of its core ideas.

It is argued that postmodernism is anti-science, anti-fact, anti-reality, culturally relativist, value relativist, etc. There are two problems with these accusations.

First, the charges are based on superficial and studiously unfair interpretations of postmodern scholarship and select quotes from particular writers most directly associated with this intellectual trend of the late s. That is not a core contention of postmodern thought. Second, these criticisms are applied across the board, without any nuance or discriminating caveats with respect to particular thinkers and little attempt to delineate where these thinkers disagree with one another, which they frequently did.

Most of the thinkers lumped together into this category would probably not be comfortable with the term. This is to say nothing of the significant differences between them. There are, of course, elements of postmodernist thought that run aground.

Their writings are difficult, and they are not innocent of deliberate opacity. Name a single prominent intellectual, or socio-political theory, whose oeuvre contains nothing that scholars or public intellectuals would disagree on.

The linchpins of Enlightenment: Descartes, Kant, Rousseau, Locke? Everything they said was beyond challenge? Their thought and writing embodied no problematic elements? On that basis, their insights are to be dismissed? The frequent contrast with postmodern thinking is that of scientific essay writer; essays on stem cell research pros and cons.

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