Philippine airlines introduction

It has a rich history combining Asian, European, and American influences. Prior to Spanish colonization inthe Filipinos had a rich culture and were trading with the Chinese and the Japanese. Spain's colonization brought about the construction of Intramuros ina "Walled City" comprised of European buildings and churches, replicated in different parts of the archipelago.

Philippine airlines introduction

Upon the outbreak of the Pacific War on December 8, the two Model 18s and their pilots were pressed into military service. They were used to evacuate American fighter pilots to Australia until one was shot down over Mindanao and the other was destroyed on the ground in an air raid in SurabayaIndonesia.

Philippine Airlines returned to its original home, the Nielson Field in Makati. The airport, heavily damaged during the war, was refurbished and modernized by PAL at a cost of over one million pesosquickly becoming the official port of entry for air passengers into the Philippines.

Air Force base, into a new international airport for Manila, PAL was required to move its base of operations and passenger terminal there from Nielsen Airport. The transfer was accomplished over a five-month period from January 31 to June 28,with PAL investing an additional P, in ground installations and improvements to Nichols Field.

In three years PAL started services to Hong Kong, Bangkok, and Taipei using Convair s [3] that would later be replaced by the Vickers Viscountwhich brought the airline into the turboprop age. In the same time period, PAL also achieved service successes, after being the first airline to be honored by Les Chaines de Rotisseursan ancient order of gourmets, with an award for its inflight cuisine.

In addition to that, PAL was also the first airline to introduce numerous fully flat bed seats in one aircraft. The 14 sleeping berths in the known as "Skybeds" was certified for landing and take off. The "Skybeds" were exclusive to first class in the upper deck.

PAL would later strengthen its cargo-handling capability by building a dedicated cargo terminal building adjacent to the MIA passenger terminal and installing cargo-refrigeration equipment in The new facilities, which catered mainly to international cargo services, enabled PAL to become a fully equipped cargo handler.

Santos became PAL president. He launched a massive modernization of the domestic fleet with the acquisition of the Shortnicknamed the "Sunriser", in Maythe Fokker 50 in August and the Boeing — jet in August As the Manila domestic passenger terminal outgrew its capacity and ramp aircraft parking space became more scarce, PAL leased the hangar of the Philippine Aerospace Development Corporation and converted it into the PAL Domestic Terminal 2.

At the same time, PAL also expanded and improved the existing terminal. The opening of the new facility cleared out the old terminal and provided greater convenience to passengers. The fleet of BACs were retired in Mayfollowing the completion of the deliveries of Boeing s, and the Short s in September.

Ramoswho was headed home from the United States after an official visit. The total cost for the renovation of the domestic terminal 1 and 2 reached P The centerpiece of the program was the acquisition of 36 state-of-the-art aircraft from Airbus and Boeing between and The re-fleeting sought to give PAL the distinction of having the youngest fleet in Asia and allow the expansion of its domestic and international route network.

The re-fleeting program enabled PAL to be dubbed the first airline in the world to operate the full range of new-generation Airbus aircraft.

The acquisition of too many aircraft matched with unprofitable routes forced the airline to be financially unstable. The re-fleeting program was about halfway through when the full impact of the Asian financial crisis struck the airline industry early in However, no agreement was reached with the Hong Kong-based airline.

On October 29, the flag carrier resumed international services with flights to Los Angeles and San Francisco, with other international services being restored three weeks later. With the aviation industry still in the doldrums, PAL continued to search for a strategic partner but in the end, it submitted a "standalone" rehabilitation plan to the SEC on December 7, The plan provides a sound basis for the airline to undertake a recovery on its own while keeping the door open to the entry of a strategic partner in the future.

PAL presented the new proposed rehabilitation plan to its major creditors during a two-week marathon meeting that started on February 14 in Washington D. InPAL submitted its amended rehabilitation plan to the Securities and Exchange Commission that comprised a revised business plan and a revised financial restructuring plan.

InPAL continued to gain a net profit of P million in its second year of rehabilitation. But, inPAL was restructured again.Philippine Airlines About Us History and Milestones.

February Philippine Airlines is founded by a group of businessmen led by Andres Soriano, one of the country's leading industrialists. PAL enters the jet age with the introduction of DC-8 jetliners. November 1, Introduction.

I would like to share with you my flight experience while it is still fresh. I just flew a local flight with the Philippine Airlines (PAL), a 4-star airline in business class. Philippine Airlines is in the midst of its journey towards becoming the country’s five star full-service legacy carrier at par with the world’s largest carriers Philippine Airlines (PAL) is the national flag carrier of the Philippines and Asia’s first airline.

Philippine Airlines starts operations with a single Beech Model 18 aircraft making one flight daily between Manila and Baguio. September Government invests in PAL paving the way for the airline's .

Philippine airlines introduction

A Philippine Airlines plane flying from Daet to Manila, Philippines, crashed into the sea after a bomb exploded on board. The incident resulted from a domestic dispute in which a woman hired assassins to kill her husband, who was on the aircraft. Philippine Airlines (PAL) launches a new Brand Equity campaign - Experience the Heart of the Filipino PAL: Asia's First Airline, the Philippines' Pride.

Philippine Airlines Launching Direct A Flights From Manila To New York - One Mile at a Time