Plastic bag bring more harm

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Plastic bag bring more harm

By Jamey WagnerIn Environment The effects of plastic bags on the environment are really quite devastating. While there are many objections to the banning of plastic bags based solely on their convenience, the damage to the environment needs to be controlled.

There is no way to strictly limit the effects of plastic bags on the environment because there is no disposal method that will really help eliminate the problem. They are not durable enough to stand up to numerous trips to the store so often the best that citizens can do is reuse them when following pooper scooper laws.

The biggest problem with this is that once they have been soiled the end up in the trash, which then ends up in the landfill or burned. Either solution is very poor for the environment. Burning emits toxic gases that harm the atmosphere and increase the level of VOCs in the air while landfills hold them indefinitely as part of the plastic waste problem throughout the globe.

Plastic Bag Litter Even when citizens try to manage their plastic bag disposal wind plays a role in carrying them away as litter.

Plastic bag bring more harm

This litter is not biodegradable and thus where it lands it tends to stay for long period of time. This can cause more problems as these smaller pieces are carried away through storm drains and often end up in the waterways.

Effects of Plastic Pollution

Plastic bag litter is often also the result of human laziness. The plastic bag might make for a good carry on to the beach for the day but once all of the pretzels and chips are consumed an estimated one in three consumers simply allow the bag to disappear into the wind and waves.

Plastic bag bring more harm

With more the billion and possibly as many as a trillion plastic bags in circulation annually this can lead to a catastrophic littering problem. Not only is littering unattractive but it is also a very serious environmental hazard.

The Effects of Plastic Bags in Waterways One of the greatest problems is that an estimated million plastic bags end up in the Atlantic Ocean alone. These bags are very dangerous for sea life, especially those of the mammal variety.

Any hunting mammal can easily mistake the size, shape, and texture of the plastic bag for a meal and find its airway is cut off. Needless deaths from plastic bags are increasing every year.

Porpoises are the most common victim. Because they eat sea nettles and jelly fish they are the most likely to mistake the plastic bag for food. If they survive the swallowing of the bag, it is unlikely that they are able to continue with normal digestion and thus eventually die a slow and painful death from toxicity or intestinal blockage.

The environmental balance of the waterways is being thrown off by the rate of plastic bags finding their way into the mouths and intestinal tracts of sea mammals. As one species begins to die off at an abnormal rate, every other living organism in the waterway is impacted.

There are either too many or too few and changes within the environment continue to kill off yet more organisms.Bag bans cut this litter off at the source: In San Jose, California, a plastic bag ban led to an 89 percent reduction in the number of plastic bags winding up in the city’s storm drains.

Nov 21,  · The problem is i will be using a plastic bag in my hand carry to take my makeup. While i will use another one to use for my handbag for makeup on the plan.

I can't combine the bag or anything, so Can I bring more than one plastic bag on planes if Status: Resolved. Reusable plastic bags are being introduced to regions that want to outlaw the plastic bag altogether.

These are stronger and more durable and can be used for three to five trips to the store. Of course, the reusable cloth bag is fast becoming a favorite among environmental supporters. PLASTIC BAGS Introduction One of the most commonly used items in modern generation is the plastic bag.

Sufficient, convenient, strong and cheap, plastic bags are seem to be perfect for marketing merchandise, foods, drinks and more. Jun 26,  · Chicago's plastic shopping bag ban doomed says Bring Your Bag Chicago and Progressive Bag Alliance.

News Opinion Eric Zorn Chicago plastic bag ban will do more harm . Plastic bag manufacturing and recycling companies support more than 24, employees and their families across the United States. The best way to improve environmental efforts in New York City and elsewhere is to focus on proven initiatives that encourage folks to reuse and recycle plastic bags.

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