Questions to ask yourself when writing a descriptive essay

Full Answer A self-reflection essay is a personal essay that focuses on writing what you feel about something happening to you at a specific point in your life. These essays refer to your experiences in life.

Questions to ask yourself when writing a descriptive essay

These are suggested questions to ask as you write, and then review and revise your essay. They can be asked in any order. When I have used evidence or examples, have I always explained why I decided they were useful to include? What is my balance between descriptive writing and critical writing?

10 Vital Questions To Ask When Writing A Descriptive Essay

Is my material presented in the best order for making my argument? Have I used good examples, and the most relevant evidence, or can I think of more appropriate material that would make my argument stronger?

With the evidence I have used, have I made reasonable interpretations, or have I made tenuous links that the reader will not agree with? Have I stated where I believe that my argument may be weak?


Have I stated where there may be scope to take a different interpretation from that taken by another author? Have I made the best use of paragraphs to make clear where I am separating description from critical writing? Have I questioned assumptions sufficiently?


Is my writing sufficiently balanced, rather than one-sided? Do I use sufficiently cautious wording e. Are they good examples?

In other words, do they do the job I say they do? Have I used enough evidence from the literature? Have I given enough appropriate examples from practice?

Have I made sufficient reference to relevant theory? Was the structure I used a useful one in supporting my argument, or does it need to be modified?

Does my writing fall clearly within the structure I have used, or has it become a bit mixed up in places? Is all of the material I have used relevant to the essay title?

What is the balance in my essay across the different elements of the title? Have I used too many words to address one element, and too few to address another? Have I answered what was actually set, of have I answered what I preferred to write about?

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Is there anywhere where the reader may have a question which I have not answered? Have I expressed my ideas clearly, or are there places where my explanations can be improved?

These are not necessarily the only questions you need to ask.Talk about difficult topics, ask some free descriptive essay, she's shared her personal experiences who is creating a descriptive paragraph or expository essay.

Please tell us 5 minutes ago cpt code descriptive essay is and see yourself before the reader. For all your life you can be asked to write an essay or memo about yourself in many cases: at school and college, at writing classes and various courses, as . Ask yourself whether all of the following statements are true of your paper.

Questions to ask yourself when writing a descriptive essay

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The title of article in which you will have carefully studied the matter. Even in a physics course your tutor may ask you to write a definition essay about certain terms like “universe” or “holography physics.” Definition essays can be written on a certain topic or term that you choose by yourself.

3 Ways to Approach Common College Essay Questions Three types of questions The “Describe yourself” question To learn more about writing a strong application essay, read Tips for Writing an Effective Application Essay.

How to Write a Descriptive Essay: Example and Expert Advice