Reb tevye s tradition family and religion

The two agree that marriage should be based on affection and mutual beliefs—not on tradition or convenience—and she accepts. Hodel goes to see him in Siberia, where he has been sent.

Reb tevye s tradition family and religion

Later we see Job conversing with friends, who believe Job must have done something wrong for God to wreak this havoc upon him, when Job has done absolutely nothing.

He wallows in pity and cannot figure what he has done to upset God. In Fiddler on the Roof, several times Tevye has a monologue in which he speaks to God about all his troubles.

But who else can we simple people bring our troubles to? He lives in poverty but loves the life he has in his village and all the traditions that come along with their religion. In the beginning, Tevye tells his audience: And how do we keep our balance? That I can tell you in one word: Tradition after tradition become broken, mainly by his own children.

Just as Job loses his family, so does Tevye. As Tevye mentioned, they keep their balance through tradition; he loses his balance and his family as his daughters become their own matchmaker, finding themselves husbands without prior approval from their father.

Tevye loses his good friend, the constable, when told that everyone is evicted through government orders and must sell their house and leave in three days.

Job says to Eliphaz in reply: He is one; who can dissuade Him? Whatever He desires, He does. For He will bring my term to an end, But He has many more such at His disposal. Therefore I am terrified at His presence Job Throughout the entire movie, Tevye realizes all the changes going on before him.


He knows something is going on up there with God. He sees God a mischievous, like a kid with an ant and a magnifying glass, Tevye being the ant. Probably not but who are we to say. Sometimes, bad things happen to good people.

Reb tevye s tradition family and religion

We are Your chosen people.Fiddler on the Roof is a popular musical from the s, based on a set of stories by Yiddish writer Sholem Aleichem (pen name for Solomon Rabinovich). Set in the shtetl of Anatevka, in the Pale of Settlement of the Russian Empire, just before the Revolution of , it tells the story of Tevye.

Danny Burstein as Tevye dances with the cast. (Photos by Joan Marcus) Fifty years after premiering on Broadway, Fiddler on the Roof, the longest-running musical for almost 10 years, has returned. Tevye’s family and community are very concerned with tradition. Listen to the song “Tradition” with your class and have the students write their own lyrics or paragraph about traditions that matter in their family, community, or school.

Reb tevye s tradition family and religion

When casting Golde, remember that she must be able to manage Tevye. She runs the household, and must be able to keep Tevye s more emotional side in check. Conversely, she should be able to show a softer side when dealing with Chava and Tevye s rift.

There's a certain nostalgia that follows films like this. As a child we're terrified of the dream sequence, amazed by the dance sequences, enraptured by the antics of the protagonist Tevye as he goes about his life and does his very best to be a good man and take care of his family.

The Folksbiene's "Fiddler on the Roof" asks how a people will remain Jewish without the religious traditions embodied in the Torah.

Fiddler on the Roof Movie Script