Religious and medical dilemma essay

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Religious and medical dilemma essay

April Article Write Us Religious and spiritual beliefs and practices are important in the lives of many patients, yet medical students, residents and physicians are often uncertain about whether, when, or how, to address spiritual or religious issues.

Physicians in previous times were trained to diagnose and treat disease and had little or no training in how to relate to the spiritual side of the patient.

In addition, professional ethics requires physicians to not impinge their beliefs on patients who are particularly vulnerable when seeking health care. No physician could be expected to understand the beliefs and practices of so many differing faith communities.

At first glance, the simplest solution suggests that physicians avoid religious or spiritual content in the doctor-patient interaction. As with many issues, however, the simple solution may not be the best.

Research indicates that the religious beliefs and spiritual practices of patients are powerful factors for many in coping with serious illnesses and in making ethical choices about their treatment options and in decisions about end-of-life care Puchalski, ; McCormick et al.

This article inquires into the possibility that within the boundaries of medical ethics and empowered with sensitive listening skills, physicians-in-training and physicians-in-practice may find ways to engage the spiritual beliefs of patients in the healing process, and come to a clearer understanding of ways in which their own belief systems can be accounted for in transactions with patients.

Research shows that religion and spirituality are associated positively with better health and psychological wellbeing Puchalski, ; Koenig, ; Pargament et al. How pervasive is religiosity in the United States?

Religious belief and practice is pervasive in this country, although less pervasive within the medical profession.

Inapproximately These surveys remind us that there is a high incidence of belief in God in the US public. It also appears that physicians as a group are somewhat less inclined to believe in God. Clearly, physicians are not inquiring about spirituality to nearly the degree that patients prefer Puchalski, ; King et al.

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Why is it important to attend to spirituality in medicine? Religion and spiritual beliefs play an important role for many patients. When illness threatens the health, and possibly the life of an individual, that person is likely to come to the physician with both physical symptoms and spiritual issues in mind.

Religion is generally understood as a set of beliefs, rituals and practices, usually embodied within an institution or an organization. Persons may hold powerful spiritual beliefs, and may or may not be active in any institutional religion. Many physicians and nurses have intuitive and anecdotal impressions that the beliefs and religious practices of patients have a profound effect upon their existential experiences with illness and the threat of dying.

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Religious and medical dilemma essay

Religious and Medical Dilemma Essay. Words | 4 Pages. a doctor, to prepare myself to take on this case I would have to process a substantial amount of information and use my best judgment to conceive what the best plan of action regarding this case should be.

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Religious and medical dilemma essay

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Spirituality and Medicine: Ethical Topic in Medicine