Sex and war

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Sex and war

Over the past decade there has been a dramatic rise in violence linked to the drug trade within Mexico. Although some of the top drug lords have been captured and jailed, they can be—and often are—effectively replaced.

In fact, the removal of various cartel leaders has actually led, on some occasions, to the creation of new cartels- the Beltran Leyva Cartel being but one example. Human trafficking accounts for 6.

The vast expansion of human trafficking from Mexico to the United States is notable in its absence from the media; instead, a wealth of analysis of drug related problems continually takes the spotlight.

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Conservative estimates conclude that overwomen, a number predicted to increase by the end ofare trafficked out of Latin America annually for the purpose of prostitution. Mexico however, remains an anomaly. The reason that the mainstream media does not focus much attention on human trafficking coming out of Mexico is not because it is not newsworthy; it is instead because drug violence dominates the headlines.

Thousands of women and children are subjected to a modern-day form of slavery, with many raped and subjected to unimaginable conditions.

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Brothels hold women across the country, in places as far away from the border as New York City, where the conditions of living are so severe as to cause one U.

Women and girls trafficked into the United States are thus dispersed across the country, making this an issue that is much more than just a border problem. The position of women in Mexican society has contributed to the growth of human trafficking rings, leaving them extremely vulnerable to the abuse of cartels and trafficking coyotes.

Without the support from their government less than one percent of rape cases lead to any sort of conviction,5 with women who become the victims of sexual violence often choose to remain silent.

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Providing economic support for their families has become increasingly challenging in Mexico for these women as well. As the nation becomes more entrenched in drug-related violence, many Mexican women find themselves with little money and become desperate for ways out, especially because legitimate opportunities to make a decent wage remain scarce in their own country.

Sex and war

Male laborers often leave Mexico to come into the United States to work, and they send a large portion of their wages back home to their families. The women they leave behind often find themselves in an unfortunate position. It is the dispensability of these women that make them a target for drug and human traffickers.

Often, young women, mostly under the age of eighteen, are placed unwillingly into a system of trafficking, and their families receive ransoms demanding money.


Usually, the family is too poor to afford to pay the demand. This common occurrence creates a climate of terror.

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According to an interview by CNN, Claudia, who was fifteen at the time of her placement into a prostitution ring in the United States, stated that the cartels threatened to kill her family if she tried to escape. Claudia reported that she was forced to have sex with twenty men on her first day in the brothel.

Her horrific encounter is just one example of what thousands of women experience each year, as they are forced into these prostitution rings.

The recent conflict over immigration has become another factor in the growth of human trafficking rings, as their levels of strength increase exponentially. Since 11 Septemberthe issue of border security has generated an overzealous reaction on the U.The real question is, how have we evolved as individuals to fight for our groups?

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