Tesco market structure

The company purchased 70 Williamson's shopsHarrow Stores outletsIrwins shopsbeating Express Dairies ' Premier Supermarkets to the deal97 Charles Phillips shops and the Victor Value chain sold to Bejam in This paved the way for Tesco to expand its presence in Scotland, in which its presence was weaker than in England.

Tesco market structure

Find more consumer advice "They didn't catch up then and they haven't caught up to this day," says Lord MacLaurin, chairman of Tesco from to But while the new developments were initially seen as progress, they came to divide opinion.

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Supermarkets as a whole have been criticised for creating "clone towns". National organisations like the Association of Convenience Stores ACS have expressed concern about the impact their "aggressive expansion" has had on small businesses. In the Office of Fair Trading referred the market to the Competition Commission for a second time.

It concluded that in many respects UK grocery retailers were " delivering a good deal for consumers " but action Tesco market structure "needed to improve competition in local markets". The National Consumer Council has called it the Marmite of British business, appearing both among the most trusted and the most distrusted companies in consumer surveys.

Smaller disputes are pitched as David and Goliath battles. Just last week campaigners in Sherborne, Dorset, claimed victory when the supermarket decided not to open a store in the town.

The retail analyst's view Tesco's rise to the top is fascinating.

Tesco market structure

If I had to put it down to one thing it would be diversification. It is quick to spot gaps in the market, adapts to consumer trends and gets ahead of the competition. The Clubcard was pivotal in helping it understand customers, a lot of new developments came off the back of it.

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It also has a very aggressive approach to business and took a hell of a lot of risks in the s, most of which have paid off. This year saw its first fall in profits for 20 years.

It took its eye off the ball and stopped focusing on innovation in the UK market, instead pushing international expansion. The senior management are going back to basics now. But Tesco said planning issues and not protest influenced the decision.

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In a raid on a squat occupied by opponents of a newly opened Tesco store in Bristol left eight police officers and several protesters injured. It resulted in rioting during which the shop was attacked. On the flip side there is a group campaigning for new Tesco stores. Earlier this year in Felixstowe people staged a rally with placards that read: They said they didn't want to lose the chance of the supermarket opening a superstore in the area as it would give local people "real choice".

But despite its dominance, times have got tougher for Tesco. This year its profits fell for the first time in 20 years. It was said to have taken its "eye off the ball" in the lucrative UK market and focused on foreign markets too much.

What does it mean for the company? Based on history, the chain will probably adapt and change, say business analysts.

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Maybe it should ask itself what Jack Cohen would do.Tesco occupies a unique place in British retail, visited by millions but controversial to many. It all started with a barrow selling fish paste. There's a famous stat - that at its peak one pound. Find the best interest rate savings accounts & maximise your returns with Martin Lewis' guide.

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