The life of andrea pia yates

At the time of the killing the subject of infanticide was rare in the United States. Infanticide is the crime of killing of a child within a year of birth or the killing of an infant by their own parent. The law demands retribution. Some researchers claim that the perpetrator may be a victim as well.

The life of andrea pia yates

State District Judge Belinda Hill, who read the verdict, initially said jurors would begin hearing testimony Wednesday in the punishment phase of the case, then gave lawyers an additional day to prepare. Court was reset for Thursday morning.

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Yates, 37, who pleaded innocent by reason of insanity to two capital murder charges, faces life in prison or the death penalty for the drownings of 7-year-old Noah, 5-year-old John and 6-month-old Mary.

Charges later could be filed in the deaths of Paul, 3, and Luke, 2. The jury had heard testimony from 38 witnesses over more than three weeks in reaching its guilty verdict.

There was no apparent reaction from Yates, who stood between her attorneys as the verdict was read. The arm of one of them was around her.

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Yates' husband, Russell, muttered: Then he buried his head in his clasped hands and remained seated silently even as the spectators stood while the jury exited. Dora Yates wrapped her right arm around her son and held him. Russell Yates' brother Randy, sitting on the other side of their mother, shook his head after the verdict was read.

Some Yates relatives cried. Prosecutors left the courthouse without comment.

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We want to show that we love and respect her," Dora Yates said. It's not going to be typical. What expert witnesses during the trial disagreed on, however, was whether Yates knew killing her children was wrong. In Texas, a defendant is presumed sane.

The life of andrea pia yates

To prove insanity, defense attorneys had to convince jurors Yates suffered from a severe mental disease or defect, specifically postpartum depression with severe psychosis, which prevented her from knowing her actions were wrong. In the closing arguments, defense attorneys said Yates loved her children so much she killed them.

Resnick said Yates thought Satan lived within her and the state would execute her for her children's killings, thus eliminating evil from the world. Prosecutor Kaylynn Williford said Yates must be held accountable for cutting her children's lives short. Yates didn't start claiming Satan lived within her or referring to a prophecy until the day after her arrest when she realized she had killed her five children and found herself naked in a jail cell, Williford argued.On March 12, , Andrea Yates was found guilty of murder for drowning her five children.

Media reports of the Yates trial indicate that she was judged according to the idealization of mothers as self-sacrificial and nurturing. This article uses the theory of the sociology of the body to analyze Yates’s crime in relation to mental illness, gender roles, and embodied motherhood.

Watch video · Here's a look back at the life and trials of Andrea Pia Yates: July 2, Andrea was born in Hallsville, Texas, and is the youngest of her parents' five children. Andrea Pia Yates should not have to bear full responsibility for this crime. Anyone who ever helped teach this belief or financially assisted in the teaching of this belief is partly responsible for the deaths of Noah, John, Paul, Luke, and Mary Yates -- as well as many other children!

Here's a look back at the life and trials of Andrea Pia Yates: JULY 2, Andrea was born in Hallsville, Texas, and is the youngest of her parents' five children. A jury of eight women and four men found Andrea Pia Yates, the Houston mom who admitted to drowning her five children, guilty of capital murder Tuesday after deliberating for less than four hours.

Andrea Pia Yates has pleaded not guilty to indictments in the deaths of three of those children. She is presumed to be innocent until the state, which carries the burden of proof, of proving that she is beyond a reasonable doubt guilty of the deaths of Noah, John, and Mary Yates.

The life of andrea pia yates
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