Vcop writing assessment examples

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Vcop writing assessment examples

This is not a sponsored post I was extremely fortunate to participate in a whole-school PD for the program and I would recommend that if you decide to begin using this program, you go down that route too, as it ensures all staff are PD'd the same way and it provides a great opportunity for lots of professional discussions to talk place once back at school.

However, I also know that whole-school PDs are expensive and time consuming, so this isn't always possible. There are two altogether; Day 1 explains VCOP and its elements, what the BIG Write is and how to structure it and touches briefly on the assessment and marking side of things.

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My school completed these two PD days over 2 years; Day 1 was completed during Term 2 and we then started the program properly in Term 3, giving ourselves a good 6 months to get into it, explore it and figure out what worked best for us.

We completed Day 2 early in Term 2 the following year and then had the knowledge and skills to use the program in its entirety for the remainder of last year. We have now hit the ground running this year, having all the elements in place and have a solid understanding of our assessment schedule in terms of when we need to assess students, how we do it and how we mark it.

Having said that, I still have a few elements of the program I have yet to introduce, but will do so next term if I remember, I'll do a Periscope or another blog post about it! We also complete a whole-staff writing moderation activity every fortnight, using a BIG write sample from our students.

Each teaching team takes it in turns to supply a sample and all staff participate in "marking" the piece. This is a great way for us to have professional discussions about the program and ensure we are being consistent in our interpretation and approach when marking, so our results and data are as consistent as possible.

Exploring and Teaching VCOP When you do the Day 1 PD, you will come away with a sense of awe at how wonderful and amazing this program is and why you didn't think of teaching writing this way before. For example, my school talked about VCOP in our classrooms after our initial PD, but didn't actually begin explicitly teaching it until the following term.

When you introduce VCOP, and at the beginning of each school year, your VCOP display an essential element of the program will look something like this: Yes, it is supposed to be empty.

The only thing on the display should be the Punctuation Pyramid. In my picture, I decided to create my own using some of the resources we were given access to after our PD, as my display is very large and I wanted it to stand out.

If your display is smaller, you could just print off the actual Punctuation Pyramid and use that. I also have a poster my lovely classroom helper made me, which is for our "Kung Fu Punctuation People", which can be seen under the Connectives window.

Once students master a level of punctuation, they get to put the corresponding coloured belt onto their Kung Fu Punctuation Person. This is essential, as it introduces the language and expectations to the students and gets everyone comfortable with each element.

As you explore each element, you will build your display up so that it looks something like this: I like to put the WOW words for Vocabulary onto yellow pieces of paper, then blu-tack them to my window. It is also recommended that you put the student's name on the WOW word they found, to give ownership over it.Incorporates the elements of TALK, VCOP, BIG WRITE and the CRITERION SCALE.

Based on the methodology ‘if they can’t say it, they can’t write it.’ Big Write vs Cold Assessment Big Write Oral language opportunities should be provided, discuss the topic, use words and displays.

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How to organise your VCOP student writing 1. Sample comparison essay environment the things i like essay motivational epigraphs for essay birthday wishes free essay book contest canada essay writing service fast essay school subjects gujarati language support in essay road accident upsr.

Writing conclusion essay model o level music world essay concert commitment to nursing essay. Big Write and VCOP is designed to bring the fun back into writing, to make the children want to write and to be continuously challenged throughout the writing journey.

vcop writing assessment examples

VCOP and Big Write Openers Talk Homework How does it fit in with Writer's Workshop? Purpose How to organise your VCOP student writing 1. When students have completed their Big Write or Cold Assessment you keep their writing.

2. Students are provided a copy of their writing to use with their criterion scale. Our school is using this to assess VCOP at the moment. We have ordered the full version for December, but we have found this very helpful for the last 3/4 weeks/5(3).

A rather comprehensive review of a comprehensive and brilliant writing program! If you would like to talk to me more about VCOP and The BIG Write, please get in touch with me either in the comments below or on Instagram @missmelsclass (link is at the very top of the blog - the Instagram image).

VCOP and Big Write by Sarah Salt on Prezi