Visit to an ice cream factory

Food Service I gave them a five star rating because five stars equals first class and that is the environment I felt like I was walking into when I entered ICF. I tried their strawberry cheesecake scooped ice cream and my wife tried their chocolate custard. The strawberry cheesecake ice cream might actually taste better than a regular cheesecake since it has mini cheesecake bits inside and you are getting ice cream with it is a bonus!

Visit to an ice cream factory

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The raw materials come from all over the globe to this facility, for example, the Belgian Chocolates put up as toppings in ice creams are imported from Belgium, furthermore some special and exotic varieties of dry-fruits and chocolates are imported from other countries as well.

An assistant engineer of the Utility and Maintenance department was deputed to show us the entire facility. In the facility there are four main processes on which the entire plant is operated, namely: The following flow chart depicts the order of these processes: The cycle of Refrigeration at the factory The refrigerants used are liquid ammonia and water.

Two types of compressors are used in the factory: Before the air goes inside the compressor it passes through the air driers which suck the moisture out of the moist air. Inside the compressor the refrigerant flows. This increases the pressure of the refrigerant. Next the refrigerant flows to the condenser where it is condensed from vapor form to liquid form, giving off heat in the process.

This heat released in the process of condensation makes the condenser hot to touch. After passing through the condenser, the refrigerant goes through the expansion valve, where it experiences a pressure drop. Finally, the refrigerant goes to the evaporator.

The refrigerant draws heat from the evaporator which causes the refrigerant to vaporize. The heat given by the evaporator to the refrigerant comes from the region that is to be cooled.

The vaporized refrigerant goes to the compressor to restart the cycle. In the above refrigeration process approximately liters of water is used every day. Just besides the refrigeration plant are the cooling towers which cool or lower the temperature of water used in the plant by a gradient of 5 degrees Celsius and hence make the water reusable.

Inside the refrigeration plant there are three accumulators which store the liquid refrigerant at three different temperatures that comes out of the condenser: According to the requirement in the manufacturing facility, refrigerant at different temperatures is supplied through pipelines.

Now, inside the manufacturing facility there is a milk powder unit and an ice cream manufacturing unit. The basic raw material for any such plant is MILK.

For making an ice cream the milk needs to be reduced first. This is done by a three floors high reducing tower in which the milk is sprinkled via nozzles. In this tower every minute liters of milk is reduced to liters.

After the mixing is done, different flavors and types of ice creams are made in the facility the recipe remains a top secret, though!!! Filling of cones, or preparation of candy bars is done through automation and robotics. Putting the ice cream inside the wrapper is also done simultaneously.

Workers are needed to gather a batch of ice creams and put them in the box. Packaging of ice creams! Once the packaging is done, the ice cream boxes are taken inside the cold storage.

There are two cold storages, one at -4degC and one at degC. Inside the -4degC storage, raw material like dry fruits, jelly is stored and inside the degC storage, the manufactured ice cream is stored. From the cold storage, the ice cream is now ready to be shipped and distributed in the entire city and to a shop near our houses.

The factory also has its own boiler plant. The steam required for the movement of pneumatic robotics used in the manufacturing facility is generated inside the boilers. Coal from the coal handling plant comes inside the boilers, and is heated.

The heat released is given to the water to convert it to steam. The factory also has its effluent treatment plant. The water is treated according to the environmental norms laid by the pollution control board.

Photography is strictly prohibited inside the factory.Sep 03,  · Visiting the Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream factory has been at the top of my list of must-see food factory tours. Available in 35 countries, I hope that you've been one of the many folks around the world to enjoy their frozen delights with the catchy names.

Visit to an ice cream factory

Jun 10,  · Industrial visit To Dinshaw’s Ice Cream Factory Posted on June 10, June 10, by Yash Shah On June 8, , I got a chance to visit a factory which manufactures a product that all of us love to eat, yes it is none other than ice cream.

A Visit to the Ice Cream Factory.

Visit to an ice cream factory

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It’s the biggest ice cream factory in all of New York City. Today, the doors to Ample Hills’ 15, sq. ft.

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ice cream factory open, and yes you can take a tour almost any time. Ice Cream Shoppes of the White Mountains. The White Mountains of New Hampshire are known for long cold winters. When spring finally comes around, there might be nothing more exciting than celebrating with ice cream. The Corners of Old Fulton and Water Street Brooklyn, New York () Sunday – Sunday 12 pm – 10pm Cash Only!

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