Write as a decimal sixty three hundredths

Numbers can be partitioned and renamed in terms of the position of each digit. Here is another example: The number 25 The 2 is in the ten thousands place, so the value of the 2 is 20 2 x 10 The 5 is in the thousands place, so the value of the 5 is 5 5 x 1 The 6 is in the hundreds place, so the value of the 6 is 6 x The 0 acts as a place holder in the tens place, indicating that there are no tens in the tens place The 4 is in the ones place, so its value is 4 4 x 1 The 3 is in the tenths place, so the value of the 3 is 3 tenths or 0.

Write as a decimal sixty three hundredths

Written form decimals Video transcript We're asked to write this right here in word form, and I'm not saying it out loud because that would give the answer away.

Well, the stuff to the left of the decimal point is pretty straightforward. Let me actually color code it. So we have 6, 3. Let me do it all in different colors. And then we have a decimal, and then we have a 1 and a 5.

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There's one common way of doing this, but we'll talk about the different ways you could express this as a word. But we know how to write this stuff to the left. This is pretty straightforward. This is just sixty-three.

Let me write that down.

write as a decimal sixty three hundredths

So this is sixty-three. And instead of the decimal, we'll write, and. Now there's two ways to go here. We could say, and one tenth and five hundredths, or we could just say, look, this is fifteen hundredths. One tenth is ten hundredths. So one tenth and five hundredths is fifteen hundredths.

So maybe I can write it like this: Now, it might have been a little bit more natural to say, how come I don't say one tenth and then five hundredths? And you could, but that would just make it a little bit harder for someone's brain to process it when you say it.

So it could have been sixty-three-- so let me copy and paste that. It could be sixty-three and, and then you would write, one tenth for this digit right there, and five hundredths.


Sixty-three and one tenth and five hundredths is hard for most people's brains to process. But if you say, fifteen hundredths, people get what you're saying.

You need a common denominator. You get 10 on the top and on the bottom. And that's why we say sixty-three and fifteen hundredths.Reading and Writing Decimals. Reading and writing decimals requires you to look at the number relative to the decimal point.

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Reading and Writing Decimals

A Guide to Understanding 3rd-4th Grade Math Place Value Hundred Thousands Ten Thousands Thousands Hundreds Tens Ones. Ones Tenths Hundredths. View and Download Campbell Measurement and Control Module CR10 operator's manual online.

DS 70;. Measurement and Control Module CR10 Controller pdf manual download. Also for: Ds You write one and sixty three hundredths in standard form as à 10 0 The standard notation is

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