Writing ask for id on credit cards

Can retailers ask for ID with your credit card?

Writing ask for id on credit cards

Unless you have Capital One. Back in high school, I did a stint in retail selling greeting cards and balloons. It was absolute hell for three reasons: Try tying latex balloons every day.

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I developed a 4mm deep indentation in my tying finger. Our credit card processing equipment was so old that it took minutes to process each card. And half the time, a valid card would need to be processed times in order to finally go through.

So whenever someone would hand me a piece of plastic, I knew it would be at least five minutes before I could go back to flirting with my gorgeous co-workers. Thus I would often attempt to encourage people who were spending 64 cents for a single cut-rate greeting card to pay in cash if possible.

Fortunately for my lazy, hormone-driven self, I eventually stumbled upon a copy of the Visa and MasterCard Merchant Agreements. While checking card security features, you should also make sure that the card is signed.

An unsigned card is considered invalid and should not be accepted. With my very permanent black marker. I convinced my manager that I was helping to protect the business from chargebacks. And for some reason, the hot girls at work would get turned on whenever I yelled at an year-old grandmother about her invalid credit card.

It certainly sounds sensible: If every merchant checked your ID against the name on the card, it would prevent Mr. Stealy McFelony from using your card unless your name is also Stealy McFelony which would be awesome. In practice, few minimum-wage cashiers even check the back of your credit cards for a signature.

And if they do, rarely do they compare them to the signature you provide on the receipt. I know this because: I have a credit card I use exclusively for swiping at the gas pump. I generally sign my credit card receipts in humorous ways, especially on electronic signature pads.

I got a call a few months ago from one of my card providers indicating they had seen some suspicious activity on my account.

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The strange part is that the card was never lost or stolen; likely the number was compromised by a dishonest restaurant worker as the card is used primarily for its rewards on eating out, and someone created a fake card using my number. Your full legal name Your full birthday A number used to identify you to government agencies Some state-issued IDs have even more information on them.

But even if yours just has the information above, an identity thief can use your ID as a starting point for opening credit accounts in your name, forging other identifying information, and just plain taking over your life.

They may even forge an ID in your name and convince your spouse to sleep with them.The agreement goes on to explain that some customers like to write “See ID” or “Ask for ID” in the signature block of their credit cards in order to deter fraudulent use of their cards.

writing ask for id on credit cards

So, the jackass that I was in high school, I would reject any card with a blank or “See ID. Cashiers often ask for ID with credit card purchases to confirm that you're the cardholder, but are merchants allowed to require an ID? For unsigned credit cards, the merchant can request two forms of identification, one of which must be a .

Can retailers ask for ID with your credit card? Can retailers ask for ID with your credit card? While some states have laws barring a cashier from writing down your ID information, “If the employer wants to know that an employee is following their strict rules for accepting credit cards, all they have to ask them to do is put a symbol.

Should You Sign the Back of Your Credit Card? Andy Orin Does it matter if you sign your credit card, write "See ID," or leave it blank? This is a prime reason why credit cards can be much.

Can Stores Require an ID When I Pay by Credit Card?

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Can Stores Require an ID When I Pay by Credit Card? Feb 05 Facebook; Twitter; LinkedIn; If you want merchants to ask for your ID, sign your card and write “Ask for ID” below your signature (however, merchants are not bound to honor that instruction). In addition to not being able to ask for ID, merchants can not add surcharges for credit card payments, and can not have minimum amount requirements for credit card payments.

However, merchants can give a discount to cash customers.

Are Merchants Supposed to Ask for ID When I Pay with a Credit Card?